Notre Unige est le site du groupe genevois autonome « Education is NOT for $A£€ », formé de manière spontanée face à l’évolution négative de la qualité des études de l’université de Genève et en solidarité aux étudiant-e-s viennois-e-s.


  1. European Youth League

    European students, friends and comrades,

    Due to the last debate of the last February 11th, which occured in Sorbonne, it seemed obvious that a real lack of unity is divising us.
    Indeed, eventhough we fight in many different ways against the same european process, there’s no movment including all of us. There is no movment in wish we could gather and debate to be more powerful on the Public Debate.

    This movment must overcome.

    – We must define a common claim which gives us motivations for every action and manifestations we will engage;
    – We propose to create a platform which could relieve and claim every student action in Europe;
    – We have to coordinate an effective work in such the way that the whole technocracy will understand we will never admit their process and strategy.

    As parisian students, we propose us to organize this movment, aware of our lack of unity is running out against us. A answer to the european process should be proposed by a unit student front, composed by all the kind of associations and actions.

    The birth of this movment supposes real actions, and the counter-summit of Wien seems to be the good occasion to gather us.

    Are you ready to take an active part in it ?

    PS : We should find a name to our movment. Every single proposition is the most welcome. We propose : European Youth League.

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